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  • Devon Troyer -

    We Have Been Using Elite Canine Products For Quite A Number Of Years With Great Success. Our Favorite Products are Happy Dog Liquid, and Happy Dog Plus Powder! We put Royal Canin Starter in S.S 12" Donut Shaped Dog Bowl. We Drizzle With Happy Dog Liquid and Then Sprinkle With Happy Dog Plus Powder. The Pups That are Weaning Simply Dig Right In! Giving Them a Great Start To a Bright Future!

    Happy Dog Plus 
  • Happy Customer From PA

    I started using the Essential Dog on my dogs and I saw litter size increase. I would definitely recommend this product for your breeding program. 

    Essential Dog 
  • Satisfied Customer From PA

    The A.S.A.P is a must have in my kennel because it gives that small puppy the extra boost that it needs and is way cheaper than losing a puppy. 

    ASAP Puppy 
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