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Essential Dog - Canine Daily Nutritional & Immune Support

Essential Dog - Canine Daily Nutritional & Immune Support

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Essential Dog is formulated to provide an extra boost of nutrition, energy and immunity to dogs as they are growing, breeding or aging. Packed full of nutrients that target specific weaknesses or problems like intestinal issues, parasite issues, breeding issues, weak bones, skin and hair coat issues and ph disturbances. MOS Yeast helps prevent pathogens from binding to the intestinal lining. Also intensifies resistance to numerous other bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi. Naturally mined and chelated minerals are highly absorbable. Kelp and Spirulina are also great sources of natural vitamins and trace minerals.

This product is formulated to provide an extra boost of nutritional support.  Daily vitamins and minerals supply energy and vitality for dogs as they grow, breed and age. Pro & Pre-biotics help build and maintain a strong immune system, which is essential to keep dogs healthy during periods of stress. This is especially important for dogs that travel, perform, compete and breed as they are exposed to many new environments with different germs and bacteria.  

Bring balance to the blood with proper nutrients and minerals helps regulate the hormones for improved breeding and performance.  Digestive enzymes help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Dosing Directions: Mix our essential dog powder right in with your regular dog food at a rate of 4oz for every 40 pounds of food 

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Kreuzburg
Essential Dog supplements

So far so good! I’ve been giving my dogs the Essential Dog product for 2 weeks so far and I have noticed a big difference as far as stool/smell. I have a 10 dog kennel and it can get a little stinky from time to time, even with me cleaning it daily. My wife actually pointed out the other evening that the kennels no longer really smelled like dog poop, unknowing to her that this is one of the pros to this product. Giving the fact that the product is still new to us and my dogs, this is the only noticeable thing I’ve seen thus far. However, I firmly believe that over time the other benefits from the use of this product will show in my dogs.


Unfortunately the bucket popped open silling it's contents in the box. The crease in the lid also split open. So shipping could be better. And the product
has not been used long enough to see any changes.

We sincerely apologize for the condition in which your package arrived. This is certainly not reflective of our standards. Kindly email us a photograph of the item when it arrived, and we will promptly arrange for the replacement of your essential dog product.

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